At Nantahala Health Foundation, we build and maintain partnerships with forward-thinking organizations focused on improving the overall health and well-being of the region.

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children playing

Kids Place

Total Grant Funding: $15,000
Grant Cycle: 2019
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To support the establishment of a Child Medical Evaluation Program to serve child and youth victims of abuse and neglect.

Impact: "Medical evaluations have been taking place and access to care will continue. Even with the delayed start of this project due to COVID and then the delay while we secured PPE, KIDS Place has been able to provide 31 medical evaluations so far (as of Dec. 2020). This represents 51% of the children who were referred for forensic interviews. This is better than the national average of 40%. We anticipate increasing this to 75%."

Macon County Emergency Medical Services

Total Grant Funding: $37,500
Grant Cycle: 2019
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To provide funding for enhanced techology to better address the county's need for emergency services.

Macon County Housing Ramp build

Photos provided by grantee

Macon County Housing Department

Total Grant Funding: $80,000
Grant Cycle: Healthy Homes 2021, Healthy Homes 2022
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

For owner-occupied home repairs and modifications to household with combined incomes below 60% AMI. Home repairs should restore or maintain safe and healthy living conditions, including those that ensure elderly residents can safely age in their homes or address physical challenges or disabilities.

Grant Impact:

11 clients were served in 2022:

  • 4 handicap-accessible ramps were installed, allowing families safe ingress and egress
  • 1 bathroom modification, allowing the homeowner a safer and more accessible shower
  • 5 HVAC units were repaired/replaced in the homes of handicapped and elderly families
  • 1 home received new windows, replacing damaged windows, sills and frames

Macon Medication Assistance Program

Macon County Health Department Logo

Total Grant Funding: $45,000
Grant Cycle: 2019
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To assist Macon County and surrounding area residents find pathways to solve their medication needs by providing assistance through pharmaceutical entities and vouchers for urgently needed medications.

Grant Impact: Funding was used to meet increased patient visits and voucher requests due to the impact of COVID and other factors on employment.

Man fixing door way

Total Grant Funding: $112,500
Grant Cycles: NIMble 2020, CHIP 2020, 31 Days of Giving, NIMble 2021, Healthy Homes 2021
Priority Area: Economic Stability

To support housing rehabilitation and repair for low-income individuals and families in Macon County (2020) and to provide food and supplies to low-income individuals, families and seniors (2021).

NIMble 2020 Impact: “Food program participants indicating that that they would not have been able to afford food for the month without these deliveries. Or alternatively, they would have had to choose food over another necessary expense, such as medicine, at some time during the month. MPP has continued to work with community partners to make other resources available to participants. From health insurance, prescription, housing, health and many other topics, participants have interacted with community partners to receive aid and learn about resources.”

NIMble 2021 Impact: “With the funds from the NIMble 2021 grant, MPP was able to pay the power bill of an elderly man with one lung who is currently raising his grandchildren. The participant was grateful for the help, covering this bill allowed this family to use monies for rent, food, water, and clothing. We were also able to help cover the utility bill for an elderly woman living on disability who was getting ready to have heart surgery within the same week. This participant is also working to raise her two grandchildren. Paying this bill helped this participant focus on her surgery and getting healthy.”

Women sorting food

Photo provided by grantee

Manna logo

Total Grant Funding: $40,000
Grant Cycle: CHIP 2021
Priority Area: Economic Stability

To continue food distribution for individuals and families facing food insecurities in Macon County by identifying a permanent location for the MANNA Community Market and by exploring options to host a separate MANNA Community Market site in the Nantahala Community.

Grant Impact: “MANNA is leveraging the generous grant funding from Nantahala Health Foundation to distribute nutritious foods in Macon County utilizing our mobile pantry program, MANNA Community Market (MCM), with a specific focus on reaching the people of the Nantahala region. Early in the project, in collaboration with Macon Program for Progress (MPP), our agencies decided not to move our established MCM distribution in Franklin to a different location. Instead, we chose to address the urgent need for food assistance in the Nantahala region. The closest grocery store is more than 30 minutes away, and many residents traveled up to an hour to receive food assistance at other food distributions. To achieve our goal, MANNA and MPP established a relationship with the members of Aquone Baptist Church in Topton to secure a distribution site and volunteers to help with the food distribution.”

Matt's Ministry

Matt's Ministry Logo

Total Grant Funding: $40,000
Grant Cycle: 2019
Priority Area: Economic Stability

To provide food and supplies to low-income seniors facing nutritional insecurity.

Grant Impact: “The collaborative project of Clay County Food Pantry and Matt’s Ministry has provided critical food and supplies to address food insecurity among seniors in Clay County. Early in the COVID-19 crisis, our typical supply chain struggled to provide adequate food and supplies at a time that demand started to increase. That issue has since resolved, but during the initial period, funding from NHF was a critical resource allowing us to make local and online direct purchases to meet the community need.”

Total Grant Funding: $2,500
Grant Cycle: 31 Days of Giving
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To support the organization's mission to provide recovery-oriented and outcome-driven behavioral healthcare to Western North Carolina through outpatient and/or community-based services in Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Jackson, Haywood, Macon, Swain and Transylvania counties.

Candy Crowe, MAHEC

Photo provide by grantee

Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)

Mountain Area Health Education Center Logo

Total Grant Funding: $62,106
Grant Cycles: 2019, CHIP 2020
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To support short-term student housing for the rural fellowship program (2019) and to hire a Community Health Worker (Candy Crowe, pictured right) to support members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians through culturally-responsive community outreach that promotes trust in COVID-related information and services, such as testing, and increases connections to primary care and social and economic resources (2020).

2020 Grant Impact: “Candy has provided outstanding capacity for her team in reaching Tribal members who test positive for COVID-19, communicating with them about their test results, giving guidance for quarantine and isolation when needed, and ensuring those who test positive connect to resources like food and medicine so they can stay home. To date, Candy has reached more than 3,400 Tribal members through outreach and individual support. She delivers groceries and supplies, connects with Contact Tracers, and helps people access other resources.” 

Home Repair Project

Total Grant Funding: $182,500
Grant Cycles: 2019, NIMble 2020, NIMble 2021, 31 Days of Giving, CHIP 2021, Healthy Homes 2021, Healthy Homes 2022
Priority Area: Economic Security, Capacity Building

To support home repair and rehabilitation projects for elderly and disadvantaged (2019) and to support Jackson Neighbors in Need, a community-based emergency assistance fund that assists low-income residents of Jackson County (2020, 2021).

NIMble 2020 Impact: “The grant was received just before cold weather set in when people who were already behind on heating and utility bills because of the economic downturn were in danger of being without heat and power when they needed it most. For those recipiants in frail health, keeping utilities and heat on through the winter months provided life saving support.”

NIMble 2021 Impact: “Through the end of November, power bills have been paid for 4 households, 2 fuel oil tanks have been filled, 3 propane tanks have be filled, and a load of firewood has been delivered to 5 homes. Depending on other donations to the JNIN fund, we hope to have funds to help through the end of May 2022.”

Healthy Homes Impact: One client had a double-leg amputation. She was having a very difficult time maneuvering through the thick carpet in her home with her wheelchair. We removed the carpet in her bedroom, living room and hallway. Now she can get in these rooms much easier than before.

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