For Our Grantees

Let's work together for WNC!

Western North Carolina nonprofit service providers, public agency leaders, and volunteers work hard every day to address needs and solve challenges throughout our region. We at Nantahala Health Foundation value the work you are doing and want to help you build upon your success.

Please feel free to call upon us for assistance at any time and help yourself to the following resources.

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Grant Progress Reporting

Congratulation! You’ve been awarded a grant in support of your idea to help those in need. In most cases, your grant cycle will encompass a full year’s worth of work. As your project gets underway and throughout your journey, we want to hear how your work is progressing.

Along with the required mid-year and final progress reports, which are available on your application dashboard, please feel free to reach out at any time with updates, concerns, questions, and general feedback.

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Share Your Stories

Nantahala Health Foundation could not hope to address all the social determinants of health that impact all our lives without the expertise and work of our past, present, and future grantees.

We believe the good work you and your team are accomplishing on behalf of those in need is worth expanding and sharing far and wide.

Please take a minute to tell us your stories and story ideas, so that we can help get the word out.


Our Budgeting Resources

Budgeting is a key piece of any program planning effort. For NHF, it is important that we invest our limited resources in programs clearly designed to make positive, downstream impacts on the social determinants of health identified in our funding priority areas.

For our partners, project budgeting supports your grant-funded work from calculating your request, to reporting measurable milestones, to concluding your project. LEARN MORE

Communication Resources

Congratulations! You knew your idea to help others was worthy of support, so you stepped up and went after a NHF grant. We saw value in your idea, and it was funded. The hard part is over. What’s next?

Let’s get this partnership off to a great start by working together to share the good news. Here’s how.

Have other collaborative Ideas?

We continually update this section with new resources, templates, and other materials you can use to communicate about your grant from Nantahala Health Foundation.

If you require materials that are not yet available here, please contact NHF Associate Director Lisa Duff by phone at 828.643.1527 or HERE.

Grant Research & Writing

Searching and applying for grants to support your work is time-consuming. Understanding that most WNC nonprofits and governmental agencies operate with minimal staff, we are available to help locate grant-makers waiting to learn more about your programs. After we identify a potential match, our team will work with you to draft a proposal sure to increase your chances of receiving an award.

For more information about working with our team on a grant proposal, contact us HERE.