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Nantahala Health Foundation is a catalyst for innovation and collaboration addressing the social drivers of health in Western North Carolina.

Our Mission: Improving health and well-being for those living in westernmost North Carolina.

How Will We Achieve This Goal? Read our 2022 Strategic Plan

Our Vision: Empowering partnerships for vibrant communities and healthy people.

Our Belief: We believe community organizations are the best way to break down barriers and improve the health and wellness of our citizens.

Our Values: We look to our values — Community, Health, Equity, Innovation, Collaboration and Tradition — to help us prioritize our work. READ OUR VALUES STATEMENT

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$3.3 Million

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$15.6 Million

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Elevating Leadership in Western North Carolina.

Western North Carolina deserves exceptional leaders. We believe that designing and implementing a leadership development program specific to the needs of Western North Carolina is needed now more than ever.

Our Now + Next program is geared toward nonprofits and public service providers. It aims to intentionally engage the next generation of leaders from multiple underrepresented groups.

Graduates of this program will be better positioned to support those in need and to secure resources meant to create meaningful impact.

The program’s success will ultimately be measured by improvements in regional health outcomes through health, education, economic security, and especially organizational capacity building.

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The Healthy Homes Initiative II applications have closed. Award recipients have been announced.

THANK YOU to all the organizations that submitted applications for our Collaborative Health Innovation Program grants. Applicants chosen for awards have been announced.

We Are Listening.  In less than four minutes, share your ideas about how our region can best address barriers to health for all.

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