At Nantahala Health Foundation, we are working to build and maintain partnerships with forward-thinking organizations focused on improving the overall health and well-being of the region. To date, our investments in health and wellness initiatives total more than $2.2 million, with these funds building the capacity of some 78 regional organizations. 

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Blood Testing

American Red Cross

Total Grant Funding: $10,000
Grant Cycle: 2020 NIMble
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To support antibody testing to ensure a safe blood supply, provide information to individual donors related to their antibody status, and collect information to help inform public health decision-making.

Impact: "Thanks to generous support from donors, including the Nantahala Health Foundation, we were able to extend the program through June 30, 2021. Based on the amount of blood we collected in the same time period last year, we estimate we will collect and test approximately 17,000 units of blood for COVID-19 antibodies in the Western NC Chapter from October 2020 to June 2021. By offering these antibody tests to our blood donors, we are providing the Western North Carolina community with valuable public health information. On behalf of those that we serve, thank you for your generous support of this critical program."

COVID Desk Cleaner

Andrews Elementary School

Cherokee County Schools_Logo

Total Grant Funding: $10,000
Grant Cycle: 2021 NIMble
Priority Area: Education

To purchase and provide for student use 60 desks and 60 chairs constructed of anti-micro bacterial materials for three classrooms and to purchase a UV cleaner.

Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP)

Total Grant Funding: $10,000
Grant Cycle: 2021 NIMble
Priority Area: Economic Security

To provide community food sites budgets to purchase local farm products that meet the needs of their programs.

AWAKE Storefront

AWAKE Children's Advocacy Center

Total Grant Funding: $10,500
Grant Cycles: 2021 NIMble, 31 Days of Giving
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To support the purchase of their current facility, thus providing AWAKE the security of a more permanent operational headquarters.

Big Little Hiking

Big Brothers Big Sisters of WNC


Total Grant Funding: $5,000
Grant Cycle: 2021 NIMble
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To support the initiation of a hiking program, Club Summit, for children/youth and their adult mentors, thus introducing at-risk and under-served children to the value of spending time in their natural surroundings, increasing their physical fitness level, and instilling long-term, healthy habits around leisure activity and nutrition choices.

Trail Maintenance Volunteers

Blue Ridge Bartram Trail Conservancy

Total Grant Funding: $10,000
Grant Cycles: 2021 NIMble
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To repair trail maintenance equipment and ensure their secure storage, thus ensuring safe equipment is available to volunteers, including Macon County Schools STEM students, during scheduled workdays and further ensuring trail users experience the benefits of the resulting safer, more enjoyable outdoor activity. Photo from grantee's website.

prenatal test

Blue Ridge Health

Total Grant Funding: $8,203
Grant Cycle: 2020 NIMble
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To purchase fetal nonstress test equipment to expand access to these services for expectant mothers in Jackson and Swain counties. Photo provided by grantee.

Impact: "With funding from the Nantahala Health Foundation, BRCHS was able to purchase two fetal nonstress test (NST) monitoring systems to measure fetal heart rate and response to movement in mothers in their third trimester to ensure the baby is doing well and receiving enough oxygen. This test is generally ordered when an expectant mother has a complication like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia or needs a procedure like amniocentesis. An NST may also be ordered if a baby is measuring small for his/her gestational age or is not very active. During the project period, 65 NSTs were administered to 29 unique patients, exceeding the project goal of 50 encounters. With an uptick in cases related to the Delta variant, COVID-19 remains a risk factor with in-clinic visits. BRCHS continues to follow all recommended protocols for women who are pregnant. Not having to refer these patients to local hospitals or other practices means an expectant mother can have consistent provider interactions and receive test results in real time, while not having to go to a second location and risk additional exposure to the virus."

Blue Ridge Mountain Health Project

Blue Ridge Mountain Health logo

Total Grant Funding: $35,000
Grant Cycles: 2019, 2021 NIMble
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To increase access to emergency, restorative and preventative dental services to low-income residents of Western North Carolina (2019) and to enhance the organization's technological capacity to better serve free dental clinic patients by purchasing six Microsoft Surface tablets, six Dell computers, and practice management software licenses (2020).

Impact: "Without the personnel funded through this grant, the Free Dental Clinic would have been forced to close. With their staff dentist, dental assistants and a hygienist, they were able to see 599 patients during 968 visits and complete 3,848 procedures in 2020 against extraordinary odds."

2021 NIMble Recipients

Grant Distribution Date: June 2021
Number of Partners: 27
Total Funds Invested: $204,222
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31 Days of Giving

Grant Distribution Date: December 2020
Number of Partners: 14
Total Regional Invested: $33,275
Learn More: Please click HERE

2020 CHIP Recipients

Grant Distribution Date: December 2020
Number of Partners: 11
Total Regional Invested: Nearly $420,000
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2020 NIMble Recipients

Grant Distribution Date: October 2020
Number of Partners: 31
Total Regional Investment: Nearly $273,000
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2019 Grant Recipients

Grant Distribution Date: December 2019
Number of Partners: 28
Total Regional Investment: Nearly $1.5 million
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A Note About the Images on this Page: Unless otherwise indicated, most images on this page are intended to represent work being accomplished in our communities.