N+N One-Day Workshops

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Now + Next:
New One-Day Organizational Workshops Available for Partner Organizations

April 5, 2024 –  Now + Next alumni and NHF partner organizations are invited to host a one-day workshop specifically for their leaders. This training is designed to help organizations capitalize on the power of the Now + Next leadership experience.

Benefits include…

  • Improving listening skills and presence to create more intentional leadership.
  • Developing coaching skills to support growth throughout the organization.
  • Becoming aware of change processes to bring organizational alignment.

This training can be customized to suit your specific needs, with the basics being:

  1. Improving organizational cohesion and communication.
  2. Helping your team identify healthy self-care practices to increase resilience.
  3. Providing common frameworks for understanding organizations, leadership, and the roles of leaders in supporting and growing others.
  4. Sharing tools and concepts to help the team focus on their priorities.

“The Nantahala Health Foundation Leadership program was an unexpected boost for me to focus on the most important parts of my development for the benefit of my job, community, and personal well-being.  The diversity of the folks in the cohort helped me view things from different perspectives, and Frederick’s guidance of the group contributed to our collective learning from one another.  This was a valuable investment of my time for the benefits I gained.”

— Bernadette Peters, Main Street Economic Development Director, Town of Sylva

Now + Next trillium

What to Expect

  • About 60 minutes of preparation, including leadership styles and reflections
  • A highly interactive experience with small and large group activities
  • Learn more about the people you work with
  • Conclude with specific action items and an accountability partner

Participants Will

  • Identify and implement one or more ways to improve resilience.
  • Develop a shared understanding of the primary roles of leadership.
  • Learn to approach organizational challenges more systematically.
  • Critically examine how they organize and prioritize their work.

Customizable Training Topics

  • Defining leadership with a focus on supporting and growing people
  • The four essentials of self-care for leaders
  • Six Dimensions of Organizations
  • Priority management (Eisenhower Matrix)
  • How leadership styles influence relationships and communication
  • The workshop can be expanded to multiple days

“I loved this program. I do not say that lightly. I am usually someone who leaves a training without really learning anything. Now + Next was a complete 180 from any kind of training I have attended in the past. This program encourages you to look introspectively to see your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, teaches you how to build on those, and gives simple, easy-to-understand ways to implement those changes to become a more effective leader. I feel anyone in a leadership role would greatly benefit from this program.”

  • Kayla Nelson, Adult Services Social Work Supervisor, Clay County Department of Social Services

Financial Investment

Your organization’s investment in this training is based on the number of participants, starting at $5,000 for groups of 5 – 15 and $250 for each additional participant. While Nantahala Health Foundation has committed to sponsoring four Now + Next cohorts each year, these additional capacity-building opportunities require external support. If cost is a barrier, there may be opportunities to obtain grant funds from other organizations to support this training.

Next Steps

If this Now + Next workshop sounds like a fit for your organization, please contact Dr. Frederick Buskey today at (828) 550-3790 or by email at [email protected] or Nantahala Health Foundation at (828) 634-1527 or [email protected].