Our Values


 Lifting One Lifts Us All.

  • We recognize the unique characteristics of each community across our region and value their inter-connectedness.
  • We seek to build on our communities’ existing strengths to promote greater connectivity for our residents and increase the sense of belonging for all.
  • We will make impactful investments in organizations and foster partnerships that will strengthen individual communities and transform the region.


Making healthy choices easy choices.

  • We believe health is determined by an individual’s physical and social well-being, even more so than being free of disease.
  • We encourage the use of and care for our natural resources including our locally grown foods, clean water systems, and outdoor sport and recreation opportunities to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • We support primary prevention and barrier-free access to high-quality, technologically advanced treatment alternatives when access to healthcare is needed.


Advancing health and wellness for all.

  • We believe every individual should have the same access to health and wellness opportunities.
  • We realize we must provide support for our region’s most vulnerable citizens, first by seeking to understand their uniqueness and the circumstances they face, followed by taking thoughtful, purposeful actions to eliminate the barriers that impede their progress.
  • We challenge ourselves and others to encourage inclusion and diversity as we seek common ground in pursuit of wellness, promotion of unity, and respect for alternative perspectives.


Securing Better Solutions.

  • We believe innovation is key to identifying new solutions to long-term challenges leading to health disparities.
  • We know that to embrace changes to improve well-being, our actions must be creative, strategic, collaborative, and incorporate technology.
  • We partner with community organizations to pioneer innovative ideas and to mobilize a groundswell of support and community action to address the causes of our most pervasive health challenges.


Growing Stronger Together.

  • We appreciate and revere the history of collaboration across our region, recognizing the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • We will be a catalyst for further collaboration by bringing people and community organizations together to support a regional approach to health and well-being.


Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future.

  • We believe a host of honorable traditions instilled by those who came before us serve as guideposts as we pursue the future of health in our region.
  • We believe the values of hard work, individual responsibility, care for your neighbor, and sustainability are vital to retaining our regional identity and should be preserved.
  • We seek to build bridges between generations and cultures that honor tradition while incorporating modern methods that lead to improved well-being.

If you share these values and wish to be a part of the change we desire for our region, please consider making a donation today. Your one-time or recurring gift of any size will make a different in the lives of so many in need. Want to help beyond a small, singular gift? We should talk, soon. Call us at 828.634.1527.

Financial information about our organization and a copy of our license are available from the N.C. State Solicitation Licensing Section at (919) 807-2214. The license is not an endorsement by the State.