Young Donor Wishes to Remain Anonymous

Ferns for Sale


Donors are extraordinary people, as every community-dependent nonprofit will tell you. The size and nature of a donor’s gift never matter. That they thought of us to be the beneficiary of their generosity not only furthers our mission, it also warms our hearts. 

Simply put, donors are our heroes.

Nonprofit leaders also understand that donors come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Each can tell you about a personal experience that led them to act on our behalf.
Our newest donor/hero has a remarkable story, though some details will be omitted here because he wishes to remain anonymous. That’s another incredible thing about donors – most give with little to no expectation of receiving anything in return.
This 13-year-old young man found Nantahala Health Foundation in mid-May after working with his family this spring to raise money selling ferns growing on family land that was needed for another purpose. Instead of digging them up and disposing of them, why not use the ferns to generate money that could support others, this young man thought.
His parents, who homeschool him and his brother, supported his wishes. The fern sales raised enough to give three local agencies $70 each. Funds were hand-delivered last month to the Franklin Fire Department, the Franklin Police Department, and to us at Nantahala Health Foundation. As we learned when he and his mother dropped off the donation, this young man’s very personal reason to support healthcare has grown out of his experiences as a heart transplant patient and his appreciation for the care he has received since undergoing this monumental life-saving event.
“He was happy beyond measure to donate his profits from selling ferns to you, as well as the local police and fire departments, which also mean so much to him,” his mother explained. “Our sweet boy learned a very important life lesson early on, and that is to truly appreciate each and every day and all of God’s graces.”
As a relatively new Western North Carolina philanthropic foundation, we are encouraged by the results we are witnessing from the many innovative projects we have funded, said NHF Executive Director Lori Bailey.
“Our partnerships are leading to better health and wellness outcomes across our region,” she said. “This young man’s selfless gift encourages us even more through the realization that our health and wellness mission is being recognized, appreciated, and supported by the community we aim to serve.”
If you have a personal reason, passion, or desire to help us create better health outcomes for others, we need to hear from you today. Your gift of any size will support our efforts to address our community’s greatest health and wellness needs, from elevating equitable access to care, to providing quality educational opportunities at every stage of life, to ensuring economic security for all, and to bolstering the public and nonprofit infrastructure required to maintain high levels of health throughout our region for generations to come.