At Nantahala Health Foundation, we are working to build and maintain partnerships with forward-thinking organizations focused on improving the overall health and well-being of the region. To date, our investments in health and wellness initiatives total more than $2.2 million, with these funds building the capacity of some 78 regional organizations. 

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To support the costs of medications, preventative supplies, health monitoring devices, and vaccines (2019) and to support the purchase of a patient transportation vehicle and to install COVID-19 protective barriers in the organization’s current fleet of vehicles (2020). Photo provided by grantee.

Impact: “We purchased this vehicle in February 2020, before the COVID pandemic hit. Its initial purpose was a farmworker patient transportation vehicle to assist in helping people get to their medical appointments. However, when the pandemic happened, Vecinos was not able to provide patient transportation at the same level. We also began a bilingual COVID Community Health Worker team in June 2020. Since then, this vehicle has served not only the farmworker health team, but has also been the preferred vehicle for COVID outreach. It has been used to provide services to the community ranging from network building to health education to COVID vaccines. The purchase of this vehicle has been elemental in having reliable, safe transportation for our COVID team that is doing critical COVID vaccine equity work in the region.”

Veteran Smiles Foundation

Total Grant Funding: $4,500
Grant Cycle: 2020 NIMble
Priority Areas: Health and Healthcare

To provide support for veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces in need of dental care.

Impact: "Funds received from Nantahala Health foundation were used during the preparation for, day of, and subsequent dental care for the 30 veterans. Each of the veterans had a preparatory exam and x-rays to determine what care would be appropriate. Most veterans also had follow-up procedures, including tooth extractions and fittings for partial or full dentures."

WNC Bridge Foundation

Total Grant Funding: $25,000
Grant Cycle: 2019
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

Direct support of the Rathbun House, a home away from home in Asheville providing a caring and supportive environment where families and caregivers can stay at no charge for up to 14 days while loved ones receive treatment at area healthcare facilities. Photo from grantee's website.

2021 NIMble Recipients

Grant Distribution Date: June 2021
Number of Partners: 27
Total Funds Invested: $204,222
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31 Days of Giving

Grant Distribution Date: December 2020
Number of Partners: 14
Total Regional Invested: $33,275
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2020 CHIP Recipients

Grant Distribution Date: December 2020
Number of Partners: 11
Total Regional Invested: Nearly $420,000
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2020 NIMble Recipients

Grant Distribution Date: October 2020
Number of Partners: 31
Total Regional Investment: Nearly $273,000
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2019 Grant Recipients

Grant Distribution Date: December 2019
Number of Partners: 28
Total Regional Investment: Nearly $1.5 million
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A Note About the Images on this Page: Unless otherwise indicated, most images on this page are intended to represent work being accomplished in our communities.