At Nantahala Health Foundation, we build and maintain partnerships with forward-thinking organizations focused on improving the overall health and well-being of the region. 

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Cherokee Educational Mannequin

Photo provided by grantee.

Cherokee Indian Hospital Logo

Total Grant Funding: $66,367
Grant Cycles: 2019, NIMble 2020, NIMble 2021
Priority Area: Education

To support the purchase of simulation mannequin (2019) and the establishment of a nurses aide educational program (Phase I in 2020 and Phase II in 2021).

man fixing an electrical outlet

Total Grant Funding: $24,375
Grant Cycles: 2022 Healthy Homes
Priority Area: Economic Security

To repair and preserve owner-occupied homes of individuals earning 60 percent or less than the area median income.

Total Grant Funding: $2,500
Grant Cycle: 31 Days of Giving
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To support their mission to Help Children Succeed by providing a cradle-to-career continuum of services. In partnership with families, they meet basic needs and provide positive child and youth development programming to all ages. Photo from grantee's website.

Erlanger scanner
Erlanger/Graham County Clinic

Photos provided by grantee.

Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital

Erlanger Health System

Total Grant Funding: $11,500
Grant Cycles: NIMble 2020, NIMble 2021
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To purchase three body temperature kiosks to be installed at the entry points to the hospital (2020) and to support the establishment of a health clinic within the Graham County School System, thus providing children and teachers direct access to medical care (2021).

NIMble 2020 Impact: "Due to the need for 24/7 staffing at the screening station in the Emergency Department, the infrared kiosks eliminated the need for six FTEs to be dedicated to screening instead of the three we originally calculated. This allowed clinical departments to pull back staff who were critically needed during the COVID crisis. We hope that this will have a positive effect on our ED quality metrics as well, with their ease of use and quicker screening times."

NIMble 2021 Impact: By the the third month that the clinic has been opened, they had already seen the following numbers: • Total number of patients: 260 • Patients over 18: 82 • Patients under 18: 177 • Total visits: 327 • Acute Care/Sick Visits: 281 • Preventative Visits: 46

Four Square Logo

Total Grant Funding: $15,000
Grant Cycle: Healthy Homes 2021, Healthy Homes 2022
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

For owner-occupied home repairs and modifications to household with combined incomes below 60% AMI. Home repairs should restore or maintain safe and healthy living conditions, including those that ensure elderly residents can safely age in their homes or address physical challenges or disabilities.

Grant Impact: “When I called the customer to tell her that she would be receiving the electrical upgrade she and her husband began to cry and stated that they had waited and prayed so long for this and were so happy that someone finally was able to put something together to help them so their house would be safe.” – Angela Jaco, Four Square Home Repair Rep

Kitchen staff cooking
Giving Spoon logo

Total Grant Funding: $10,000
Grant Cycle: NIMble 2020
Priority Area: Economic Security

To support expanded hours for their kitchen staff/cook to meet the increased needs related to hunger in Swain County.

Grant Impact: “Our goal was to reduce food insecurity in Swain and Jackson counties. With support from NHF we were able to secure our cook position and continue to serve hot healthy meals to our community. The Giving Spoon has been able to provide food to 100% of people requesting meals. We have never had to turn anyone away and never closed our doors during the COVID pandemic. Our delivery routes for those lacking transportation to pick up meals has increased.”

God's Way Food Bags

Photo from grantee’s website photo gallery.

Grant Impact: When clients were informed that there was additional funding to meet needs for Jackson County families, there was significant enthusiasm. Cards were eagerly received. Affirmation of adequate food supply encouraged clients to find more ways to share information with neighbors and family. 

Grace Extended passenger van

Photo provided by grantee

Grace Extended Ministries

Grace Extended Ministries

Total Grant Funding: $34,100
Grant Cycles: 2019, 31 Days of Giving
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To support the purchase of a passenger vehicle for their residential program.

Grant Impact: Two vehicles were purchased to provide transportation alternatives to support the residential treatment program. Due to changes in staffing and reassessment of need, they have established a men’s program first and hope to expand to provide a women’s program in the future. 

Grace Place Freezer

Photo by Nantahala Health Foundation

Total Grant Funding: $22,500
Grant Cycles: NIMble 2020, NIMble 2021, 31 Days of Giving
Priority Area: Economic Security

To purchase a walk-in freezer to support their efforts to address food insecurity in Graham County (2020), expand their current food pantry capacity (2021), and support of overall operations (31 Days).

2020 Impact: “As it has turned out, the grant funds provided from the NHF met a critical need at a critical time, but more needs have arisen in the interim. Grace Place is so very grateful for the assistance given to us and the interest and friendship we recognize as growing with NHF.”

2021 Impact: “I cannot tell you the good it did my heart to be able to walk some of our volunteers through the new construction and see the excitement and joy on their faces. Now they feel like part of a team, not just work horses. They feel valued by being given a good place to do the work they do. This project will impact countless others as it provides us the opportunity to continue distribution in partnership with MANNA to help the people of Graham County.”

Laptop in car
Graham County Government Logo

Total Grant Funding: $10,000
Grant Cycles: NIMble 2020
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To purchase equipment to enable secure and seamless mobility of the department's workforce.

Grant Impact: “Workers have reported increased flexibility, efficiency and mobility. Workers have been able to work remotely when they have been quarantined, when their children have been quarantined, or when a remote day is needed to catch up on paperwork. Transitioning from remote to in-office is seamless.”

Graham County Greenhouse

Photo provided by grantee

Graham County Government Logo

Total Grant Funding: $54,346
Grant Cycles: 2019, NIMble 2021
Priority Area: Education

To construct a greenhouse for the Academy Program to provide a venue for student instruction in gardening, sustainable horticulture, and business management, (2019) and to repair the elementary school's freezer by replacing its compressor, thus ensuring the safety of food available to students (2021).

2019 Impact: “Once the kit arrived, Robbinsville High School’s Carpentry Class offered to construct the greenhouse to save money and to keep us under budget, and to provide building experience for the students.”

first aid kit

Graham County Sheriff's Office

Graham County Government Logo

Total Grant Funding: $54,346
Grant Cycles: NIMble 2021
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To purchase comprehensive first aid kits for each patrol car, thus ensuring Sheriff's Department officers may provide first-responder medical care as needed.

Grant Impact: “We have already used one of the bag masks from the grant in a lifesaving situation. This had a direct effect on saving the person’s life; the result might have been different had the victim had to wait on other assistance to arrive.”

Man in garden

Photo provided by grantee

Guilding Sheep Ministries Logo

Total Grant Funding: $50,000
Grant Cycles: CHIP 2020
Priority Area: Economic Security

To address food insecurity in the surrounding community through education and production of nutritious foods with an emphasis on the elderly and taking into consideration their special needs with growing methods.

Grant Impact: “We have engaged some 100 elderly participants in container gardening, offered support and have been receiving success stories from participants who are harvesting tomatoes, squash, lettuce and cucumbers. It was our goal to decrease food insecurity while increasing personal involvement and offer an activity to lower stress and improve movement. We have a wide array of participants with various skill levels. We have helped individuals who use to farm 15-20 acres before age and health prohibited; helped some who have never grown vegetables; and have had the privilege of helping several use the gardening project as an agri-therapy activity while recovering from heart and COVID-related health issues.”

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