At Nantahala Health Foundation, we build and maintain partnerships with forward-thinking organizations focused on improving the overall health and well-being of the region. To date through December 2021, our investments in health and wellness initiatives total more than $3.13 million, with these funds building the capacity of some 148 regional organizations.

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HeartForFamilies Logo

Total Grant Funding: $4,500
Grant Cycle: NIMble 2021
Priority Area: Economic Security

To purchase two Parenting with Love and Logic facilitator kits, one in English and another in Spanish, and to offer participant scholarships for families who are not able to cover the cost themselves.

HERE Director and recently housed client
HERE in Jackson Logo

Total Grant Funding: $40,000
Grant Cycles: 2019, NIMble 2020
Priority Area: Economic Security

To provide funds for a case manager (2019) and assist households, with an emphasis on those directly impacted by COVID-19, to obtain and/or maintain permanent housing (2021). Photo provided by grantee.

Impact/2019: "Providing case management services to assist homeless households in securing emergency shelter and aid in obtaining and maintaining permanent, safe, affordable housing has been especially important during this time of COVID-19 crisis. While affordable housing options have been further decreased during COVID, HERE has still been moderately successful in securing needed housing for our program participants."

Impact/2020: "The Housing Acquisition and Stabilization Program helps households obtain and/or maintain permanent housing by paying for deposits, rental assistance, and rental arrears. Some 18 households containing 21 adults and 7 children have been assisted through this NHF-funded portion of the program. This is 20% more than the 15 households originally targeted for this grant. Of the 18 households helped, 5 were prevented from becoming literally homeless through assistance with rental arears. Members of the other 13 households were able to transition from homelessness to permanent housing through help with rental deposits and/or first month's rent."


Hights logo

Total Grant Funding: $75,500
Grant Cycles: 2019, CHIP 2020
Priority Areas: Education, Health and Healthcare

To provide funds for a tiny house project to teach program participants about building and marketing (2019) and to acquire additional staff to support a growing number of Jackson County students in need of access to food, education support, and mental health services as a result of COVID-19 (2020). Photo provided from grantee's website.

Impact: "As predicted, youth continued to struggle with remote learning and isolation. HIGHTS worked closely with schools and community partners to identify youth who were not logging into their devices and not engaging in school. The additional staff allowed for critical safety and wellness checks on some of the higher-risk youth. Moreover, programs began including academic time so youth could improve their grades and stay engaged. Staff coordinated support responses with teachers and school counselors to negotiate later deadlines for assignments which often gave the youth hope. Staff verbalized have helped make a positive impact on the youth’s mental health and academics. As mental health services increase, we have identified the growing need to develop an after-hours on-call system as the staff receives crisis calls in the evening."

Total Grant Funding: $205,500
Grant Cycles: 2019, NIMble 2020, 31 Days of Giving, Healthy Homes 2021, CHIP 2021
Priority Area: Economic Security, Health and Healthcare

To provide funds for home repair and mold remediation (2019), while at the same time developing a training video to teach others how to safely perform the same procedure (2020). Image from grantee's YouTube channel.

Impact: "Concurrent with our repair and re-construction work, Hinton Construction Ministry Coordinator Nick Oliver became licensed as a North Carolina certified contractor and passed several construction-related courses on mold remediation in buildings. With that background, Hinton produced a training video on mold remediation and safe and healthy housing. The video will be used to train mission volunteers in Hinton's safe and healthy housing building ministry program. This summer (2021) we expect approximately 350 mission volunteers to participate in Hinton's building ministry program and learn from the training video produced with the support of the Nantahala Health Foundation."

Total Grant Funding: $72,500
Grant Cycles: NIMble 2020, CHIP 2020, 31 Days of Giving, NIMble 2021
Priority Area: Health and Healthcare

To assist with the construction of the Hospice House, which will address three healthcare concerns in far western NC, including lack of quality end-of-life inpatient care, inadequate access to mental health support, and health risks of caregiving. Photo provided by grantee.

Hispanic professional
International Friendship Center logo

Total Grant Funding: $10,000
Grant Cycle: NIMble 2020
Priority Area: Economic Security

To expand International Friendship Center services to include bi-lingual career and professional development to meet marginalized families' need for training and access to jobs with fair pay.

Total Grant Funding: $5,445
Grant Cycles: 2019, NIMble 2020
Priority Area: Economic Security

To purchase thermal hot pads to ensure the safety of home-delivered meals (2019) and to install protective barriers to increase safety at three congregate meal sites (2020). Photo provided by grantee.

Impact/2020: "We were able to purchase 22 four-way dividers, which are being used for our congregate dining site at the Department on Aging in Websiter, the congregate dining site at the Cashiers Senior Center, and for programs at the Adult Day Program."

man typing

Total Grant Funding: $10,000
Grant Cycle: NIMble 2021
Priority Area: Economic Security

To establish a Community Health Worker Apprenticeship program to support recovery and re-entry efforts of individuals returning to society, specifically the six WNC counties and the Qualla Boundary, after time spent in prison and/or drug rehabilitation facilities.

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